I'd like to welcome you to the website. I'm glad you decided to take a look around! I am a musician in a few different bands in the Joliet, Illinois area. I host a podcast about Joliet and its entertainment scene called What's Goin' Down In Downtown J-Town with David Francis. We also began hosting a radio show called The Local Music Bonanza on WCSF 88.7FM Joliet in 2018. The WJOL 1340AM radio staion's Prepare 2 Repair Radio Show took me on to do a short segment about Joliet restaurants and music. The show helps provide listeners with information on how to navigate any home repairs. They feel a rich social life is a great way to keep a home running smoothly. I also give music lessons for Bass, Ukulele, Guitar, and Drums. I teach out of a shop in Frankfort, Illinois called Down Home Guitars along with in-home and online classes. I named my school String Theories. 

I thought it'd be a good idea to make it easy and put everything all in one place....Listen to the bands, sign up for lessons, explore our creative community, get in the know about great food and beer, and then go see it in person! 

Please be patient as I slowly build up this site.

Email me directly: tommaslowski@comcast.net



Tom's Music

     Click on my gloriously serious photo to explore some of the music I've made over the years. You'll find links to videos and music that have been captured professional and by amateurs.

String Theories Lessons

     I've been teaching music for over twenty years. I have developed a great method of teaching music fundamentals for everyday use. Whether you're a novice player or a gigging musician that wants a little more insight, I can help you out.       

     Click on the logo for information and learning materials for music instruction. You can sign contact me for private lessons for bass, guitar, ukulele, and drums. I have some instructional videos, play-a-longs, and study guides for sale.

The What's Goin' Down In Downtown J-Town Podcast

     This started off as a way to preserve the Joliet music scene. Our interview podcast exclusively featured musicians that were hanging out at Chicago Street Pub in Downtown Joliet. These people are very much into their craft. So many nights we'd sit and watch these brilliant musicians cast spells. We couldn't help but wonder, where the hell IS everybody? What do we need to do to get the word out? Thus, The What's Goin' Down In Downtown J-Town Podcast was born. I started a Facebook page to post the podcast's episodes. I thought it might be cool to post bands' area shows. That turned into posting anything positive that related to Joliet. The podcast evolved along with that idea as we began anyone doing anything positive in Joliet. I set out to show that Joliet had more to offer than what's more commonly displayed in the media.

 Click on the logo find all of the photos, videos, podcast episodes, and links to some of my favorite spots to hang. Enjoy.

The Local Music Bonanza Radio Show

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