The What's Goin' Down In Downtown J-Town Podcast

     David Francis and I decided to start a podcast about the music scene that made Chicago Street Pub in Downtown Joliet their home. He and I are a part of that music scene, too. We began talking about how much we get from this place and from these people. There were a few like this in our younger years in different towns with different bands. It's a shame that some of that just simply faded away. We didn't want to this fade away without leaving some sort of time capsule. We started off just interviewing musicians. The each interview was sandwiched in between to in studio acoustic performances whether or not they were acoustic artists. We put those acoustic performances in a section of their own down bellow. It wasn't long before we deciced to talk about anything positive going on in Joliet. The intent was to diminish the terrible reputation of this great city. We hope you enjoy these interviews.

In Studio Performances

     We had each of our musical guests perform two songs on acoustic guitar during the interview. I thought it would be great to have those songs all in one place. 

Prepare 2 Repair Radio Show

Steve Suarez and Brad LaHood of RJ Graham Plumbing host a home improvement radio show on 1340AM WJOL every Monday from noon-1pm. What's Goin Down In Downtown J-Town was asked to host a short segment on their show, The J-Town minute. The purpose of this segment will be to shed a little light on all of the positive things happening in Joliet. We'll discuss all of my favorite topics of food, music, events, and community members going above and beyond to make this city great.

Photo Gallery

     Take a look at some of the wonderful memories that have been made in Joliet. I try to get to as many events as I can to click a few pics to document the day.

Food For Thought

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