From the recording Podcast Episodes

David Francis and I recorded six different interviews beginning in June, 2016. I had never done an interview or a podcast. I had never done a podcast. I had never heard a podcast. Dave hosted two podcasts. It's Saul Good, Man is a podcast about television show, Better Call Saul. They were doing a phone interview with Michael Mando who played Taco in the show. I was instantly hooked. I asked if we could start a podcast documenting the Joliet music scene as it existed at Chicago Street Pub. Around 2005 that place became the original music hub for a ton of us locals. There was some genuine talent, too. So many nights there I was just completely entranced by what I saw. Everyone that went there felt the same way. Through some back and forth goofing around the name, What's Goin' Down In Downtown J-Town fell out of Dave's brain. I kept saying, "That's it! That's It!". I created the monologue and theme song idea. We got a whole cast of musicians to read the entire thing. We chose the line we liked from each read, and Dave put it all together.