From the recording The Local Music Bonanza Podcast

Here's the list:

Sisser- Black Queen

Aaron Kelly- Walking Down The Walls Of Jericho

Black Magick Marching Band- Land Of Long Shadows

Jason Benefield- Chicago Song

Carrying Torches- Stupid

Mandala Raps- Blind Love (feat. Mia Bertino

Bret Figura- Desert Rock

The Family- The Secret

Colonel Chloroform- The Search For Proofessor 160

FarOutOfMe- Shine

Relative Ash- 5:30

Milkplow- Awkward Silence

Extraction Point- Forced Compliance

Interstellar Immigrant- Ethereal

The Bart Attacks- The Black Dog

Jim Major- Looking Inward

Rob Fishbeck- 1% Better

Drowns- Graves At Sea

Dan Asio- Come Alive

Drugs Food Entertainment Sex- Beautiful Blue