From the recording The Midnight Mixtapes

Here's The song list for Midnight Mixtape 5- Ladies and Gentleman:

Side One

Lindsay Beaver- I'm Dangerous

Colleen Wild- Worth It

Dramaglider- Everything Is Red

Allison Flood- Ties That Band (feat. John Condron)

Makena Hartlin- Picture Frame

Cheryl Rodey- Consistency

Fay Ray- Restless Sleeper

Kayla Bailey- You Loved

Moly Rose- Hold On

Broken Robots- Dimes and Quarters

Wonky Tonk- Inspire Me

Side Two:

Jross Green- Easy To Breathe

Aaron Kelly- No Reception

Foresight- Follow

Edward David Anderson- Bad Tattoos

Alex Hoffer Band- Being Human

Chicago Farmer- Thirteen Dollar Beers

John Condron- In Memorium

Ernie Hendrickson- Do It For Love

Giles Corey- Morning Train

DataSkeleton- Spirit Molecule