From the recording The Midnight Mixtapes

The theme this time is Chicago Street Pub vs The Drunken Doughnut. They're to enormous supporters of new music and art in Joliet. We all miss their establishments very, very much. Some of the most incredible people have been able to come together at these two places. As this year comes to a close, I thought it would be great to celebrate them and the people that we've met there.

Side One:

The Righteous Hillbillies- Desolation Row

John Condron and the Old Gang Orchestra- Arrogant Roses

Big Lagniappe- Let Down

Jross Green- Crush

Patrick Spiroff- God Said

The Leadfoot Band- My Oh My

Mindful Music Experiment- Upon A Thorn Of Cactus

Chicago Farmer- Ramblin' Man

Edward David Anderson- Harmony

Colonel Chloroform- Major Tom

Ted Slowik- Dear Editor

Vaudevileins- Magician

Allison Flood- Things Dead and Gone(feat. John Condron)

Alex Hoffer- Speed Of Life

Colleen Wild- Because of the Rain

Wonky Tonk- Tider Lily

Riverhorse- End of the World

Charlie Champane- Blink of An Eye

Bones Jugs- Cast Iron Rag

Stone City Stragglers- Freakshow Addiction

The Regressors- Blue Powder

Side Two:

Black Road- Hash King

The Perks- Tyrantula

Next To Eternity- Trapped

Fat Hot- Krakken Me Up

X-Ray Mary- Manzilla

Landspeeder- First Marker

A Dozen Paces- Down So Long

Arbor Creek- Hammel Woods

Warden- Gizmonaut

Od Jo- She's A Volcano

Ponit A Pistol At the Sun- Old Friends

Albus- Beast of Burden

Radar- Dirt

The Aquaholics- Trog Stomp

The Reaganomics- Dear Jaymez Dunzo

The Secret Lives- Tremble and Shake

Spaceshow- Honeydew

Sound and Soma- Days Go By

Sleepwalk- Craving

The Selectones- One Love Generation

The Beta Waves- Anarchy Is Stupid

The Backseat Pandas- If You Ain't First You're Last