From the recording The Midnight Mixtapes

This Midnight Mixtape is the playlist that In was going to use for the January 21st live broadcast on WCSF 88.7FM Joliet. Things didn't go as planned, and I was not able to play all of the tunes I picked out. These are those tunes.

Side One:
Wonky Tonk- I'll Turn My Radio on

Eric Lambert- Beating The Odds

Bret Figura- Desert Rock

Fat Hot- Krakken Me Up

Cheryl Rodey- Peaches

Fever Breaks- Human By Design

Broken Robots- Sucker Punch

Foresight- Unhappy Endings

Colonel Chloroform- The Search For Proofessor 160

Invisible Cartoons- Funk Wok, Cheap Thang

Big Lagniappe- Feed The Dragon

Side Two:
The Organ Crushers- Owzer

OD Jo- She's A Volcano

The Secret Lives- Tremble and Shake

Trust This Ghost- Slow Flow

John Condron & The Old Gang Orchestra- These Beginnings

Carrying Torches- Stupid

Smoky Knights- Done Touched Me Right

Leadfoot Band- All My Friends

Abor Creek- Hammel Woods