From the recording The Midnight Mixtapes

This Mixtape is the play I used for the live radio broadcast of the Local Music Bonanza on WCSF 88.7FM Joliet.

A Dozen Paces- Down So Long

Cheryl Rodey- Consistency

Conduit Of Humanity- On The Scrap Heap

Architects of Ruin- By The Pound

Diagonal- Anticipation

Ernie Hendrickson- Do It For Love

Eve Casino- Poor Man's Speedball

Andrew Hibbard- Picture In A Frame

Gazebo Effect- Peace Of Mind

Alex Hoffer & Colleen Wild- New

Matt Derda & the High Watts


Patrick Spiroff- Work Itself Out

Carrying Torches- Champagne

Tall Paul Fabbi- Two- Seater Truck

Basic Shaper-Robot Pirate Ninja

Ted Slowik- Dear Editor

SNST- It's Hard To Be Loved

The Dead Hands- Two In The Morning

Wonky Tonk- Lessons

The Perks- Crustacean's Revenge

Warden- Jasperflash

Woodblind- Jubilee

The Bart Attacks- The Black Dog

Growler- The Moss & The Ivy