From the recording LMB WCSF 88.7fm Broadcasts

The playlist for this broadcast was:
Alex Hoffer Band- Cold Again

A Dozen Paces- Devil's Daughter

Black Road- End Of Man

OD Jo- Good Grief

Chicago Farmer- Thirteen Dollar Beers

Dan Gauguin and The Dan Gauguin Band- Skinny Man Cow

Tautologic- Memo To Yourself

Edward David Anderson- Bad Tattoos

Lindsay Beaver- What A Fool You've Been

The Secret Lives- Better For You

Modern Planets- Beginnings

Disinter- Disinter

Otter Finn- Find The Balance

Foresight- The Time Traveler's Wife

Jason Benefield- Chicago Song

Allison Flood- Easy

Cheryl Rodey- Consistency

Adem Dalipi- Sixth Street

Matt Derda and The High Watts- Betsy Lane

Dramaglider- Everything Is Red

2nd Nature- They Don't Know

Giles Corey's Stoned Soul- Home Is On My Mind

Ending Theme by Riverhorse